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About the Project

Teachers are not yet able to effectively design digital teaching lessons both in hybrid situations (students in the presence and simultaneously students online) and mixed. They need not only to acquire skills in the use of software and hardware but must gain confidence in the effectiveness of the medium, get out of the comfort zone of the traditional lesson and face the new challenge posed by the pandemic conditions.

The students, in turn, apparently seem to be masters of technological means, but often show a certain passivity and limited use of the features offered, they do not see knowledge as a source of growth and pleasure and at the same time the desire to stay in the area prevails of comfort due to low motivation and self-esteem.

The partnership Hi-Class is formed by upper secondary education institutions from Italy, Romania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Portugal and two companies from Spain and Poland that are experts in training in the field of Information Technology and in the development of customized digital solutions for teachers and students. The partnership has the following objectives: make the teaching-learning process more effective in the context of mixed and hybrid teaching, to enhance students’ key competence in developing an autonomous learning methodology of knowledge through the use of digital technology tools for accessing the vastness of information on the Internet.

The activities of the project are training on the move, the intellectual outputs produced, and internal and transnational contests among the children that are motivating and formative. In particular, the outputs will be oriented towards the establishment of the Digital Duty Manager, a liaison figure who will analyze the teaching needs of teachers will mediate between the organizational needs of the school and the implementation aspects of the teachers’ planning. The other intellectual outputs will be the “Repository” of online teaching methods and paths and the development of a peer learning framework for teachers. The platforms developed in the field of intellectual outputs will be available to the entire international educational community: it will be possible to register automatically and have the resources available for free. The repositories of online teaching methods and paths and the peer learning framework among teachers will be available for their methodological growth and the facilitation of the learning process.

The #HiClass project will be widely publicized with the launch day and days dedicated in each school to the dissemination of the methodologies developed in mobility. There will be days in which teachers will experiment the debate methodology in a temporally reduced form in order to have the duration of a lesson respecting the mixed training of students in the presence and online students.